7 Steps to Become A Professional Golfer – Part 1

When it comes to playing professional golf, there is no one way to do it. One of the unique aspects of playing the sport is that the swing of a golf club is different to each person, which means that no matter what technique you use for your advancement, the results depend entirely on your limits. While it is admirable to have a swing that others would envy, your swing would mean nothing if you are not able to get consistently low scores.

No matter how much you try to imitate your favorite professional golfers and their swing, if your swing can’t get you the ball to the putt, you have failed. Everything you do on the golf course should reflect the scorecard of your game. The act of getting your scorecard to talk for itself is what makes you the professional golfer; you strive to be.

The 7 Steps to Becoming a Professional Golfer are as follows:

  1. Understand your golf handicap
  2. Seek professional advice and help
  3. Make a four-year plan to develop your game over time
  4. Your practice distribution ratio matters
  5. Learn how to defend your par
  6. Track your performance state, and
  7. Watch your score changing the attitude

1. Understand Your Golf Handicap

Keep every scorecard that you have run through, and that means not just the good ones. The entire scorecard database will help you in understanding your game and your issued handicap. Amateurs who track their handicaps will be able to work on them better to perform more effectively on the field.

2. Seek Professional Advice and Help

While your dad was probably a great golfer who was able to do well on the course, he might not be the best coach for you. You are going to need the help of professional trainers to help you get the best swing and put the score. Trainers also know the steps that amateurs need to take to get to their best game. Their advice is noteworthy and one that should be heeded to if you want to become a professional in every sense.

3. Make a Four-Year Plan to Develop Your Game

By looking at developing your game over four years, you will be able to map the goals you need to reach in short. Hoping to advance all the way from the very first week is an impossible task as the many nuances of the game need to be mastered. Therefore, work with your trainer on the different steps of the game and the ones you wish to learn every year. There are three parts you will need to split your career into, they are:

  • Prepare
  • Compete
  • Win

Use the first three years to work on the preparation and the development of your game. Therefore, working on your short-game, long-game and your skills in putting the ball is essential during the first two years. Master it and get to a stage where you know you are ready to start winning. When you begin competing during the fag end of the second year, your development and preparation will take on more advanced settings. Don’t be wary about working for four years before you begin taking home championships. In golfing history, there are only a handful of professionals who can pull it off within their 10-year mark of being in the sport. If you play your game right and work on it the right way, you would be able to see results in time.