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    The Winner Returns To The Spotlight

    As golf players slowly but surely return to the stage after the difficult months of this year, we take a look at the career of a player who is not yet among the world’s best. The Austrian Bernd Wiesberger is symptomatic of what is possible in the sport with an […]

  • The Fantastic Ryder Cup and Its Fabulous Beginnings

    The first Ryder Cup was played in 1927, in Massachusetts at the Worcester Country Club. There were some rules drawn as for the selection of players and way of playing the game. Two golfers from each team, i.e. the US and England, would take an alternate shot and singles matches. […]

  • The Evolution of the Golf Ball

    Golf balls are hard. They can cause some serious injuries when they hit you. This is one of the reasons why people go to caddies when they move across golf courses. However the golf ball wasn’t always as hard as it is in the modern age. In fact, when it […]

  • The Origins of Golf Terminology – Yelling Fore

    Golf is a beautiful sport to participate in; it is fun; it is entertaining and can even be played with the family. Golf is well known to be a sport for all people to play. Golf is also represented by those who are less able-bodied, providing a similar experience with […]

  • Time You Can Take to Find A Lost Ball Officially in Golf

    For spectators and beginner golfers, golf can be a complex and thought-provoking game. Compared to other sports, players and audience need a lot of focus to play or understand the game. Mastering the different equipment as well in the assortment of clubs and balls is a skill in itself. Professionals […]

  • Three More Crazy Golf Stories from Pro Player’s Careers

    Whilst researching and delving through our memory banks for the last piece, we came to realise that golf has produced far too many funny stories over the years for us to limit to just one article. This topic deserved some more attention, so here are three more crazy stories of […]

  • Developing Your Golf Swing By Using A Mirror

    One of the unique parts of a golf player is their swing. The golf swing is in many cases similar to a fingerprint; it is different and unique to each person. A golf swing is considered to be one of the essential features of a golfer. Throughout years of study […]

  • Reaping The Benefits of Being on A PGA Membership

    A PGA member is a golfer who has mastered every aspect of their skills and game. Many find that they have improved drastically through a lesson with a PGA professional. Be it if you are a novice or the best at golf, you can be sure that your game will […]

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    How to Improve Your Handicap Off the Course

    Not all of us are blessed with a handy golf course in easy distance of our home or workplace. Although we might manage to make it out every other weekend or at least once a month, most of us simply cannot spend as much time on the course as we’d […]