One of the Best Rehabilitation Activities for the Disabled – Inclusive Golfing

As a sport, golf is a very inclusive sport that encourages everyone with or without a disability to take part in. Whether you choose to golf for rehabilitation purposes, pure recreation or even for a competitive stream, the sport has several benefits. People with disabilities can benefit from the balance, coordination, muscle strength, join movements and relaxation that the game offers.

If you are interested for yourself or for someone else who is disabled to take part in some form of golfing activity, most clubs will have information about it. Several membership benefits come for people with disabilities as well. Clubs and associations for people with disabilities exist in any country where golfing is available. People are also encouraged to try the game and see if it is something that they would like to pursue before they sign up for a membership with the club.

Opportunities and Development

There are several career opportunities for disabled golfers. Competition wise, several matches are hosted specifically for disabled golfers on a national level. Even those who are blind have the opportunity to enjoy golf as a competitive sport or a recreation. Coaching is readily available through clubs for those interested in taking their golf spree seriously. If you can demonstrate that you have potential, you can even approach for sponsorship through clubs that support disabled golfers. Before competing in the national and international level, the golfer would need to be graded for their disability to be fit into the stream that will best suit their competition level.

If you are a blind golfer, the rules of golf are the same as when you play with sight. The only difference is that the blind golfer will require a caddie to assist them heavily in their movement around the course and during gameplay. They play an essential part of being the eyes of the golfer. The choice of playing against other blind golfers or sighted people is left to the player. Once you have your membership and competition signed up for, you can choose your opponents.


When it comes to stuff, disabled golfers can pick up additional equipment to assist them with their gameplay. While many of these are readily available at most stores, specialized ones can be purchased online as well. Other than for this specialized assistance, the regular golf clubs, tees, and balls are what will be used during gameplay. For those who are constrained to wheelchairs, there are ParaGolfers available for purchase from many stores that sell specialized golf equipment. Some of the most common specialized equipment for disabled golfers are ball pickers which are available at any store.

Being Involved

If you love golf, but you don’t have the skill or the ability t play, there are other ways that you can still be involved with the sport. There is always a need for volunteers, coaches, caddies or administrators during tournaments and at clubs. All that you will need to bring to the table is your enthusiasm and your willingness to learn. Speaking to clubs near your location will give you a guide on what job spots are available and the opportunities that you can avail to quench your thirst for some golf.