Reaping The Benefits of Being on A PGA Membership

A PGA member is a golfer who has mastered every aspect of their skills and game. Many find that they have improved drastically through a lesson with a PGA professional. Be it if you are a novice or the best at golf, you can be sure that your game will be enhanced upon participating in an experience with a PGA professional. PGA stands for ‘Profesional Golf Association.’ A PGA professional can offer a wide range of services to those who need them, from a heavily detailed introduction to golf to how to hold and swing the club.

Many individuals and golfer find that their life long dream is to become a PGA professional and play extremely advanced games. There are many ways to become a PGA member, but in many places, it isn’t straightforward. However, in the UK there are two different ways to become a PGA professional or a PGA member. They are termed the Vocational and the Academic routes. Both of the routes need academic, and work placements and study but the ratios for each are different. The educational path focuses on the theoretical study of golf, as well as the physics behind the club. And the vocational path focuses on the physical part of golf, including training and tournaments.

The Academic Route

This route involves studying for a three-year course and degree in Applied Golf Management Studies at Birmingham University. This course is designed not only for those who are thinking about playing golf professionally but also those who are hoping to enter the golf club management and referee. It is, unfortunately, the only degree in the world which allows for the individual to gain a PGA status. However, it is only possible if the PGA criteria have been met. Applying for this degree varies depending on the country that you are currently in, but it is relatively simple to participate in. One of the studies that you may have to complete in the academic route is the psychology of golf. Swing theory and applied sports science are some of the more essential titles and topics in the degree

The Vocational Route

The vocational route is similar in duration to the academic course, but it consists of more physical activity than the academic way. Instead of studying for three years for the academic path. The vocational direction needs the individual to participate in a three-year training course for the PGA membership. Those who are participating in the course must work in a golf environment for a minimum of 30 hours per week.

The course involves distance learning while working. Applicants who are accepted to undertake the PGA Admissions Review Programme, are to complete two days of training at the PGA Training Academy and complete an ability test. Upon completion of the review Programme, participants and students are allowed to sign a contract with a PGA professional. Once the contracts are signed, and the student or golfer finishes their degree, they lose their amateur status and can sign up or apply for the PGA memebership.