The Fabulous History of the Greatest Sports Every Played – Golf History

From the time of Caesar, golf has played a significant role in sports. The sport is not the same as it was played during Julius Caesar’s time, but the gameplay was very similar. At the time, golf was played by striking a ball stuffed with features with branches of trees. The branches were shaped into clubs identical to the golf clubs that are found today. In China, the Song Dynasty has displayed evidence of playing golf around then years 960 to 1279. However, both China and Rome’s version of gold in the historical times are not as closely related to today’s golf. The closest gameplay that relates to how golf is played today originated from Scotland around the year 1457.

In the 17th century, Britain began playing the sport and took the game to other parts of the world. The Scotsmen were not able to be the pioneers of bringing the sport to the world because the then king banned it. In the year 1860, the first ever British Open championship for golf was conducted and is a tournament that is played even today. The first ever golf club in the world was in North America and built permanently in Monreal, Canada.

The ‘Canada’s Royal Montreal Club’ was built in the year 1873. When the United States of America caught wind of the club’s presence, they decided to engage with the golf craze that was sweeping with the rest of the word. The first ever 18-hole old course in America was the Chicago Golf Club in the year 1893. Following the huge popularity of golf in America, the United States Golf Association was formed in the year 1894 to govern the sport. After a few years, the USGA’s governing authority was moved to the Professional Golf Association of America in the year 1916.

The level of professionalism has never been of hinderance in playing at the US or the British Open for golf. Anyone who was willing to complete was encouraged to participate. However, there are a few championships hosted only for the professionals to join in which amateurs are not allowed at. The professionals only tournaments are the Accenture Match Play Championship, the Arnold Palmer Invitational, etc. The main reason for the split of the amateur and professional event is because of the role; the media began to play with the marketing of the sport.

In the year 1981, the name of the professional’s circuit was again changed to the Tournament Players Association Tour and then changed again recently over the last few years to the Professional Golfers Association or the PGA tour. While the names of the governing bodies have been changing, the love for the sport by spectators and players throughout the world have hardly changed. The sport has only gained recognition and grown in popularity over the years, throughout the US, even after being one of the next countries to adopt the sport. Spectators enjoy watching a good game of golf as well, and this has drawn the media to the professional circuit to telecast and market the games to everyone.