The Finest Golf Resorts Around the World Where You Can Stay and Play

Most golf enthusiasts are looking for a holiday that can contribute to their love for golf. The relaxing experiencing from playing this sport while being able to enjoy some fun with family and groups of friends is a great way to get the most of a few days. Some golf courses are designed by the lending in the golf world and are just perfect for a golfer. When these golf courses are combined with world-class stay facilities and have some of the best chefs and a fine choice of wines. Here are five resorts that are the best in every way for a golf lover.


The beautiful island of Laucala is accessible only by a private jet. The spectacular sight that awaits the traveler from the time they board the jet to the landing strip is fantastic. Set against the sunsets of Fiji, this is by far one of the best resorts in the world that offer the visitor everything and anything they can imagine. The pro golfing experience is one of the many splendid perks of the island. Villas, top chefs, 18 hold rounds of golf at a minimum of 3 nights stay at this resort awaits the weary traveler.

The Broadmoor

The Broadmoor sits proudly in Colorado Springs in Colorado. It is one of the most fabulous resorts that has been around since 1959. The resort will be playing host to the US golf open in 2019 because of its historical significance and grandeur. Set in about 5,000 acres of land, there are several exciting activities here that will please anyone. From fighting, spas, lodges in the wilderness to 18 hole rounds of golf awaits.

Terre Blanche

France’s pride and the envy of the rest of the world is the Terre Blanch, is in Provence Cote D’Azur. Two of the best 18 hold championships in France are conducted here in Terre Blanche. The water features are the best at the Terre Blanche. The five-star resort houses gorgeous lakes, forests, waterfalls and over 115 suits throughout the area. The Michelin star restaurants and the best produce from the region is a pleasure for anyone to enjoy.

The Ritz-Carlton

Greg Norman, the Australian golf legend designed this beautiful resort in the Grand Cayman. The resort has ocean front landscapes and sporting distractions for every age. The golfing at the Ritz has courses for beginners and those who want to upscale their skills. Michelin star restaurants and brilliant grounds await the traveler who is willing to shell out $4000 for two nights.

La Manga

Spain’s favorite golf course is none other than La Manga. The beautiful resort is strategically placed on the southern side of Spain. It is a popular golfing resort and has been around for over 45 years. The golf facilities are brilliant, and so are the training facilities for those who want to explore the sport. The Spanish Gold Open was hosted at La Manga five times in the past. Some of the worlds best have had great wins at the resort, and the property is a gorgeous getaway for some sun, family, food, and golf.