The Right Things to Do When Golfing as A Beginner – Golf Lessons

Gone are the days when golf was enjoyed only by the older generation and regarded as a sport just for the elite. In today’s era, golfers of any age are encouraged to take up the sport. Whether they choose to play the sport professionally or as a hobby, the sport gives the player a sense of precision and fine tunes their senses. The game is called the greatest game in the world and for a good reason. If you ask any golfer who plays only occasionally, you will realize that the standard answer about the game is that it’s the best. As a beginner of the game the rules, the precise swings are difficult to wrap your head around. While the golf coaches are excellent when it comes to easing the beginner mind, here are some tips that you can use to guide you along the way.

The DOs While Learning Golf

Understanding a few tips on what you can do to help with your learning will go a long way. Most students who are eager to get the game right from the start will notice that these tips make sense to them as a learner. While some of these tips are readily available when you learn, this list will help re-enforce the idea in your mind.

  • Never start practicing golfing on a golf course. Always start practicing golf on a practice range. The golf range is the best place you can use to get used to the game. The pressure is lesser with the practice range, and you can stay for as long as you want to stay.
  • If you are learning how to golf for the first time, you might think you can learn from your partner or parent. However, always make sure you use a professional to teach you the basics. Professionals know the exact route you should take to learn the game, so you don’t get bored of it.
  • Everything comes with how you grip the golf club. While most beginners are trying to understand the swing and look like a professional with the swing, the first thing that is going to need most care is the holding part. Once that is mastered, your swing and follow through will be perfect.
  • Using your body when you golf is important. While it might look like a pure hand sport, you are going to need the right amount of body flexibility to get the swing right. It is tempting to bend from your knees, however, always remember the rule of thumb is to use your hips. Keep your lead shoulder under your chin when you perform the backswing. When you finish the swing, your face, chest, and hips need to face the target.
  • Start with the short game by chipping and putting first before you venture into anything else.
  • Get friends and family to join you when you learn to play golf. It adds to the motivation and becomes a fabulous event that you will enjoy together.
  • You are going to need gloves when you play golf. So, if you think you are going to play just once in your lifetime too, buy the gloves anyway. Guaranteed you will come back at another time.
  • Golf equipment is very expensive. So, before you splurge and buy, always rent and understand which one is perfect for you.
  • Mark your ball and identify it on the green.
  • Remember all your best shots and forget about the ones that didn’t cut it.