The Winner Returns To The Spotlight

As golf players slowly but surely return to the stage after the difficult months of this year, we take a look at the career of a player who is not yet among the world’s best. The Austrian Bernd Wiesberger is symptomatic of what is possible in the sport with an iron will. 2018 was a challenging year for him. After an injury, he almost had to start everything all over again. Nevertheless, he made an impressive comeback in golf in 2019. He celebrated the most successful year of his career.

Golf players
Golf player

After his triumphant return to the golf scene, he celebrated three wins of the season, including two in the highly endowed Rolex series. That brought Wiesberger third place on the European Tour. The total of his prize so far increased up to $14 million. That further fueled the ambition of the Austrian. In a further step, he would like to advance to the absolute top of the world. For this to work, however, a lot more consistency is required in the game. He has already proven in the past that he is ready to go along and hard road.

Eight-Month Break

2018 was the year that set him way back in his career. Wiesberger initially suffered an injury to his wrist. He postponed the necessary operation, but that turned out to be a fatal mistake. The wound got worse and worse, so he was forced to undergo the procedure. It was already taking a long time, but it was to get worse. After a long break from injuries during which he cured his operated hand, he found that nothing was the same as before. The golf professional suddenly found it difficult to get back to his usual game. He ranked failure after failure. It went so far that Wiesberger began to doubt his skills as a golfer. At the same time, he kept slipping in the world rankings. The crash that started at number 30 and ended at number 148 had dramatic consequences for him. He did not receive any more invitations to the attractive golf tournaments. He followed the Ryder Cup as a commentator rather than a player. So he had to start again from scratch. But Wiesberger accepted his new role and worked consistently on his return. With this, he took the first step towards a comeback, which should lead to the most successful year of his career.

In 2019 he returned more vital than ever. Spurred on by the first success, the professional turned up in the year. He won at Made in Denmark, won the Scottish Open and also won the Italian Open. He even leads the Race to Dubai for a while. He finished the season ranking of the European Tour in third place, underscoring his triumphant return to the world of professional golfers. That paid off not only in the prize money but also in the golf world rankings. That he has further potential for improvement can be seen from his statistics. When it comes to fairway hits, it only has a quota of a little more than 56 per cent. That is far below average, and Wiesberger would like to work more on this in the future. If he manages to stay healthy, then you can trust him to become even better.