Things That You Should Never Do when Learning Golf – Golfing Lessons

There are several things you can do wrong when you are earning golf. These are usually pointed out by your trainer when you are on the course. However, few people pay heed to the trainer when the day is filled with heaps of adrenaline and lots of activities. This guide will give you an inkling of the things you have to remember when you are with your golf coach to make sure your learning time is spot on.

  1. Self-Consciousness – Do not worry about anyone who is there on the course when you are learning to golf. Most beginners come with friends to make a big day out of the experience together. You would also be amongst people who are good with golfing. These people have been beginners too at some point so don’t worry about them judging you or if you make a mistake when you learn.
  2. Teachers – Everyone who has played golf before will be happy to come to you and give you tips and overload you with information when you are a beginner. The worst kinds are spouses and relatives. While they have your best interests at heart, they are not the right people to teach you anything about golf. Always work with a professional trainer when you start.
  3. The Body Work – It will take you time to learn how to use your body effectively when you play the game. While it may seem funny to perform a new action, your body will get used to it in no time. Therefore, don’t ignore the instructions on how you use your body to complete and start your swings.
  4. The Clothes and The Shoes – If you are out to play golf even for a single instance, make sure you wear the right clothes for the game. You will need to wear the right hat, clothes, and shoes to make sure your experience is worth it.
  5. Save the Golf Course – Before you can even get the ball in the air, do not try to enter the golf course. Always work on the practice range till you can safely get the ball in the air. Also, keep the balls that are used in the range where they belong. The range balls don’t work well on the golf course, therefore, don’t take them to the course.
  6. The Balls – When you play, do not spend time looking for the ball that you lost with your shot. Also, the rule of thumb on a golf course is never to pick up stray golf balls you find, chances are they are part of the gameplay, and you would ruin someone else’s
  7. The Ball Mark – The right sized ball mark is essential. Don’t use a ball mark that is too big. The maximum size of the ball mark is about the size of a poker chip.
  8. Allow Others Leeway – When you are making your scorecard, always wait till you are on your way to the next tree before you can mark it. Don’t do it on the green or on the side where you will block other people trying to play.
  9. Pressure-free – Make sure your experience on the course is pressure free and not very competitive. You are not ready to compete as yet, but you will be on
  10. Stick with It – Golf is tough, but stick with it, and you will love the entire experience.