Three of The Most Incredible Golf Resorts Around The World

Golf is a sport that utilizes varying levels of skill and strategy. It is a club and ball sport, where you have to put the ball in as little strokes as possible. Unlike most sports, golf does not have a standardized area in which to play. The game solely depends on the terrain and varies in difficulty with the progression of the game. Some of the terrains that are used in the game are known to have sand traps, long grass, and other more difficult buffers to challenge the players.

Golf Resorts, What Are They?

Golf resorts are similar to golf clubs. They are equally determined and focused on the game, and offer amenities and accommodations as well. Golf masterminds design the majority of the world’s most fabulous luxury golf resorts. These courses are designed to help you improve areas where you are weak, and there are also courses that offer you a challenge. Golf resorts are a relaxing way to spend a holiday. They offer spas and pools for recreational use and are often fitted with many restaurants to indulge in during your stay.

Choosing the best resorts around the world is difficult, as the construction and popularity of golf resorts are continually increasing. Golf Resorts are finding their way to new areas with more surreal and natural environments.

Bandon Dunes Golf Resort

The Scotsman, David McLay Kidd designed the resort. It is well known for the high praise that it received on the day of its opening on May 19, 1999. In total six courses have been attached to the resort itself. However, the original court is home to slight alternations in the field and course. Many tournaments have taken place in the resort itself. Including five different amateur tournaments hosted by The United States Golf Association at the golf resort.

Pebble Beach Resort

The Pebble Beach Resort is located on Pebble Beach California; it is another golf resort that is immensely popular among golf players. It is also regarded highly to be one of the most beautiful and exquisite courts around the world. Four of the courses available at pebble beach are owned by the coastal community and the Pebble Beach Company. Spas and three individual hotels are available during accommodation in the golf resort. The view from this golf course is known to be breathtaking with full open views of Caramel Bay and the Pacific Ocean.

The American Club

Owned and operated by the Kohler company, the resort is well-known for its luxury spa and its resort. Many of the awards that this resort has achieved are well known around the area, but one of the most shocking and prestigious awards that the resort has earned is the top 100 Golf resorts which were issued by the Conde Nast Traveler magazine. The American club is also known to be the only AAA five-diamond resort hotel. The American club is also affiliated with the Whistling Straits and the Blackwolf Run, both of which are famous golf courses.